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For all my joy and peace last night, I am equally disturbed tonight.  Things are afoot at work.  Interestingly, they began with the beginning of Lent.  I shall pray the rosary tonight and the prayer of St. Michael.  They are … Continue reading

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I will not write much tonight.  I attended my weekly prayer group and have contemplated prior to writing.  I experienced much joy with the others tonight as we commonly discussed faith and prayer.  Sharing prayer can be an awesome experience. … Continue reading

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I suppose the desert implies stillness and solitude.  That is anything but my life.  I am not still and it is very noisy.  I’m drowning sometimes in the noise-external and internal.  On Sunday as I started my contemplation of praying, … Continue reading

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In the prayer of Saint Francis, the Lord is called Master.  St. Teresa of Avila often calls the Lord – Master.  I’d like to think of the Lord as my Master yet I know I hold back.  I don’t let … Continue reading

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Prayer of St. Francis

I “found” the Prayer of St. Francis yesterday in my search.  I find that ironic.  I have “found” this prayer over and over again in my life – in high school, in college, during difficult career times.  Why I lose … Continue reading

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Day three

I titled this Day three because I have no theme as I begin to write.  I have thought on and off all day about it. But, work was busy and dinner was busy.  I only now have time to think … Continue reading

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The title of the blog is “A Faithful Year”.  I hope to blog for the entire year.  For Lent, it is an every day obligation.  Tonight I want to reflect on the word Faithful.  In some ways it is my … Continue reading

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