It’s fall and I’m falling behind in every area of life.  Why are things so busy at this time of the year?  Last week, I didn’t write because I had writer’s block.  In the middle of the week, I had inspiration but decided to wait.  Life got busy and I forgot what I was going to say.  So on that Sunday,  not only did I lack inspiration, I literally sat here, staring at the screen.   This week between raking the leaves and other chores to get ready for winter, I actually forgot it was Sunday, even after being the lector!!

I enjoyed being the lector yesterday.  I was very worried that I would not capture the right tone in the first reading.  Anytime I read about Moses, I immediately think of Charleton Heston’s portrayal.  For obvious reasons, I cannot be Charleton….  I am also not an assertive personality.  I chose to go with the theme of the day – love.  And so I tried to capture a firm yet loving tone when I read:
“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD alone!
Therefore, you shall love the LORD, your God,
with all your heart,
and with all your soul,
and with all your strength.” (Taken from here.)

If we are passing on the faith to others, this is what should be passed on – God loves us, let us love Him back.  Sometimes, it is just that simple to write about faith and as I learned last week, sometimes one cannot say a word!  I’ll remember that next time for I will write when inspired to and when I run dry, perhaps I will remember to keep it simple.

I categorized this as joy.  Love is joyful!


About sisterbernice

I am a practicing Catholic in love with the Lord. Whatever his failings, I recognize the same in our Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI. He serves as one of my great teachers. A truly misunderstood figure, I hope all who have reviled him might actually read him and find their way to God.
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