my spell continues

Again, it is Monday and not Sunday when I am writing.  My goal was to write once a week and Sunday has usually been the day.  It hasn’t been happening.  Yesterday was just a gorgeous day here.  We took the opportunity to be outside raking, preparing more for winter.  Who knows what kind of winter we will have.  Last year was very mild but we live in snow country so winter without snow is very disconcerting.  Too much snow, too little snow – these are our winter complaints.  It was just a very enjoyable day yesterday.  How can I give all for my faith.

The readings for Sunday can be found here.  I’ve always been fond of the widow’s story.  She gave from her want.  She gave what she had.  How many poor people have given and names are never inscribed on walls yet who built our churches and institutions, not for themselves but for God – for their faith.  I am sure their contributions are inscribed in the heart of God.   I am more like the scribes.  I give from wealth.  I could do more.  That’s the thought I will leave with tonight.  How might I be more like the widow?


About sisterbernice

I am a practicing Catholic in love with the Lord. Whatever his failings, I recognize the same in our Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI. He serves as one of my great teachers. A truly misunderstood figure, I hope all who have reviled him might actually read him and find their way to God.
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