Begging for Benedict tonight.

This was the most exhausting week.  I just couldn’t write last night.  I’m not sure I can tonight but I’m here and have some time.  That doesn’t mean I can process all of what I want to say so I decided to keep it simple.  This week we heard reports about Benedict’s deteriorating health.  I think anyone who seriously watched him has seen the slow and steady decline.  I always found it amazing that he never missed a day of work.  I have to admit that I accompanied him everyday through several other blogs.  I am sure since he can now relax, the weight although off his shoulders has left a mark.

Over on one of the blogs I read they have been discussing whether the papacy leaves a mark and gives grace.  The consensus is that it does not.  I tend to agree that it is not like a sacrament but I think it does impact the one who is the Pope in ways that are special.  Can you imagine the spiritual journey the man has been on? the grace? the need for prayers? for purification? the abandonment?  Yes, there is a mark on the soul too.

Benedict’s birthday is this week.  I’m going to pray.  Perhaps send a spiritual bouquet by dedicating a rosary to him.  Yes, tonight I am praying, begging for Benedict, that he might be well, surrounded by friends and experiencing the joy of the Lord.


About sisterbernice

I am a practicing Catholic in love with the Lord. Whatever his failings, I recognize the same in our Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI. He serves as one of my great teachers. A truly misunderstood figure, I hope all who have reviled him might actually read him and find their way to God.
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