End of Vacation

We came home from vacation Tuesday and it is still unsettled here.  I’m back to work on Monday.  My mind is a bit rusty.  I had a very good time being away.  I was challenged by the weekend we spent in New York City.  I’m not a big city person but I do love New York.  Three teens enjoyed shopping.

Sunday morning mass was beautiful.  We went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  It is undergoing renovations so it was not as awe inspiring as I remember it but the cantor was terrific and the music echoed through the building.  You could feel it.  The hymns were traditional ones and I’ve confessed to being a folk mass person but I would trade every folk mass for the beauty I heard and felt.  The most beautiful part of mass was the consecration.  They have removed the lower altar.  The action took place on the high altar.  We were way in the back behind the scaffolding and yet could see perfectly.  Our attention was drawn to Christ.

I hope all cathedrals go back to using the high altar. I hope I experience beauty again soon and not encounter it in another ten years (the last time I was in New York for something other than work).  And, how does this relate to Benedict?  how doesn’t it?  and, that is what I think I am praying for tonight – the reform of the reform.  I don’t think I understood completely until Sunday how beautiful a mass could be, how we enter into the sanctuary, how the priest leads, how we participate, how it is prayer.  Yes, I think Benedict has prayed often on this.  I bet he still does.  Let us all pray with him to the Lord that he inspire us to adore Him as we should.

From Faustina:  Eternal Father, I offer you the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your Dearly Beloved Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.  Amen!


About sisterbernice

I am a practicing Catholic in love with the Lord. Whatever his failings, I recognize the same in our Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI. He serves as one of my great teachers. A truly misunderstood figure, I hope all who have reviled him might actually read him and find their way to God.
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